Half Boiled Egg Maker Murah

Create Your Perfect Half-Boiled Egg!

The traditional breakfast is toast with kaya and butter, a couple of half-boiled eggs lightly drizzled with soy sauce and pepper, as well as hot coffee. Half-boiled eggs are also best to go by with a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast, and if you fancy, some toast sticks for dipping. So simple, so tasty, so healthy, what more can you ask?

We love a good half-boiled egg and this cooker definitely perform the way you like them. It is finally taking the guessing out of soft boiled to hard boiled eggs. Perfect Half-Boiled Egg Cooker makes cooking eggs worry free. It's a foolproof half boiled egg cooker producing perfectly soft egg white and yolk. Cooking egg has never been easier!

Compare to traditional type of half boiled egg cooker, this Perfect Half-Boiled Egg Cooker
foolproof half boiled egg cooker producing perfectly soft egg white and yolk. You may not get
overcook and undercook half boiled eggs anymore! It is really great.

This Perfect Half-Boiled Egg Cooker is extremely easy to use. It comes in 3 parts – a bottom container to catch water, a plastic container for egg cooking process, and a lid. It is also probably the only half boiled egg cooker that manages to cook a perfect half-boiled egg.

How To Use:

1. All you have to do is put 2 eggs into the plastic container, then pour boiling water over the eggs until water reaches the desired level as indicated on the container according to the sizes of eggs (big or small size) you are cooking.

2. Then, cover the plastic container with the lid and you can just walk away, and let the water drip from the top part to the bottom container.

3. Once the water finished dripping, then your eggs are ready. So easy!
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