Kecilkan Peha dengan Taping Thigh Shaper

No THIGH GAPS?????????????????????? Worse kan?
Bile peha mula bergesel kiri dan kanan membuatkan anda mula rasa tidak selesa dengan penampilan anda sendiri.
Lebih teruk apabila anda mengenakan seluar dan peha anda jelas kelihatan bergesel dan membuatkan anda tidak selesa.

Penyelesaiannya adalah Taping Thighs Shaper yang membantu anda mendapat thigh gaps.

Friction is only absolutely necessary when tightening nut to a bolt or trying to create fire with stones and 
not when left and right thighs rubbing againts one another; causing hole-y jeans and irritated skin.
The miracle thighs shaper transforms nebulous thighs into sleek and slim pins. 
The thin material is designed to be worn under dresses, skinny jeans, 
and superhero suits without being visible. 
Strategic ribbing and stretchy fabric help the garments cling to thighs without slipping.

Each box contains 1 pair of Thigh Shaper (2 pcs)
Colour: Black only
Material: Nylon,Spandex (breathable fabric)
Size: The thigh circumference: 40-50cm
Suitable for male and female
Suitably worn in the day, at night (not advisable while sleeping) or even exercising to speed up the calorie burnt
Intricately nylon and spandex material making it ultra elastic and fits snugly on the thighs
It hides bulges, bumps and rolls while giving the sexy, leggy and curvy hourglass figures
Simulates blood circulation during movement at the same time toning and firming the thigh
Massages for better blood circulation and releases fat at thigh area
Increases metabolic rate and burn twice the amount of calories compared to not wearing one
Wearing time for each 8 ~ 10 hours, if the physical discomfort, please take off as appropriate
Wash below 40c washed with water and do not use bleach, do not close to the heat and sharp objects to avoid damage 
Avoid use on wounds or eczema and those with the following conditions; pregnancy, heart disease, hypertension
Pregnant women, infants may not use this product
Recommended for preservation in a cool well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.


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